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Carta Group Services

The Carta Group is a fully-integrated, comprehensive financial planning firm that provides a complete overview of your financial condition and planning issues. Each component of your financial situation – your estate, investments, retirement and business, if applicable, is carefully analyzed and evaluated. We then develop an objective comprehensive plan specifically tailored to help you meet your financial needs and objectives. Our personalized approach, understanding all aspects of your finances and implementing the best solution strategies, brings you confidence in helping to turn your personal and financial goals into reality.

Estate and Protection Strategies

The goals of estate planning are to provide for your financial security while you’re alive and to maximize your estate for your family and any charities following your death. A well-designed estate plan can help create and conserve assets during your life. In addition, effective planning can help deliver an orderly distribution of assets upon your death.

  • Will and trust design strategies
  • Property ownership alternatives
  • Estate tax reduction techniques
  • Life Insurance analysis
  • Qualified plan distribution
  • Family gifting strategies
  • Charitable planning

Investment Management

Our approach to investment management looks at your current plan, the risk characteristics of your portfolio and whether it is consistent with your long-term goals and objectives. We also look at to what extent you have considered after-tax returns, fees and reporting capabilities.

  • Advice, consulting and planning
  • Portfolio modeling analysis and design
  • Investment policy statement development
  • Implementation, manager search and selection
  • Ongoing monitoring, due diligence and reporting

Retirement Planning

A key component of our retirement planning services is providing you with a present value analysis of your current retirement position, and an assessment of your needs and objectives to determine how much money you expect to spend between now and retirement. Finally, we examine your resources, including current salary, expected payouts from Social Security, your qualified plan benefits and any savings and investments.

  • Needs assessment
  • Retirement income modeling
  • Benefits analysis
  • Distribution options
  • Long-term care

Business Owner Planning

Business owner planning is not a static event, but an ongoing process that, over time, can provide you with the ability to accomplish identified goals. The objective of transferring your business in the most tax-advantaged way is a good reason to develop a plan, but other issues exist that are equally important. Spousal support, equalization among children, early inheritance, guardianship and asset management are all examples of issues that we will address as part of your overall plan.

  • Executive Compensation Planning
  • Executive Benefit Strategies
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Business Exit Strategies