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Mary Ellen  Sharpe

Mary Ellen Sharpe

Director of Administration

Mary Ellen Sharpe, more affectionaly known as Mimi, is the Director of Administration for The Carta Group. For 31 years she has been serving the needs of clients and enjoys when those clients create a better financial future for themselves and their families.

Mimi provides superior back office support to the financial professionals of The Carta Group that clients look to for answers. It is extremely important to her that clients know that there is an organization committed and capable of delivering unexpected value. Her role is to manage systems and processes that she hopes exceed any client expectations of service and professionalism. She looks forward to helping your family achieve their financial goals.

Mimi began her financial services career in 1985 and has been delivering excellent service ever since. She has managed numerous back office systems designed to provide an enjoyable and seamless client experience. Her positive contributions have ranged from managing agency books and records to overseeing the complete application process. She is a proud contributor to the mission of The Carta Group. Mimi resides in North Syracuse with her son Billy.

Mimi is a Notary Public and Signature Guarantor.

At The Carta Group, we are dedicated to helping you:

  • Identify your goals
  • Analyze your current program
  • Develop a comprehensive written financial plan based on sound advice
  • Implement that plan
  • Update the plan on a regular basis

Best of all, we have never lost sight of one essential element- personal service. The true value of your planning is measured by the service you receive AFTER your plan is implemented.